What we do

  • House Interior Painting

    House painting is both a skill and an art form, and the most important spaces in our lives are in our homes. We can help you to invigorate your bedroom, bath or great room with a fresh new perspective or create a whole new space for your children. Since the best method for repeat business and referrals is often word of mouth, we strive to be the most professional and courteous company that we can be.

  • commercial painting

    A well painted office or business unit is always helpful in improving the quality and reputation of any business organization; It helps to create a visually appealing infrastructure, emphasizes achievement of any organization and an indirect factor behind increasing sales and profits.

  • Trim and Crown Molding

    People add trim to their rooms because it is a bold design statement. Installing crown moulding, wainscot paneling, chair rails or mantel trims enhances architectural elegance and distinguishes your property from others.

  • Pressure washing

    Pressure cleaning or power washing is ideal for renewing the health and appearance of outdoor surfaces such as buildings and driveways. Chemical treatment will target difficult mold and moss buildup areas. This coupled with pressure washing removes dirt and grime accumulated over the years, making your house look like new.


How we do it

Set Up

Household Items are strategically placed and covered with clean, new plastic sheeting. All floors are protected with drop cloths.


As needed, holes and cracks in ceilings and walls are filled; stains are sealed, and surfaces are scuff sanded.


Primer applied where necessary , and premium quality paint is applied to a uniform finish.


Household items are returned to their original locations. Floors and carpets are vacuumed and swept. All of our materials are removed.


Upon completion, we invite you to inspect our work. Customer inspection is the final step in ensuring complete satisfaction.


A sample of our work

  • We are Licensed & Insured
  • We are Professionals
  • We are Creative
  • We are Honest
  • We are Experienced

About us

chaz Home Painting

Established in March 2000, we are an independently owned Boca Raton business specializing in quality decorative painting applications. Our focus on craftsmanship, detail, and personal attention has helped us grow to include a variety of residential and commercial clients in Palm Beach and Broward counties.


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